Design is a way of learning for me and there is so much to explore. I'm currently a psychology and design student at SFU enjoying exploring the relationships between people and their environments. In short, I love finding different possibilities to a challenge and jumping into a pool of data to make sense of it all in simple terms!

I also enjoy outputting my ponderings in writing:) Here are select papers I've written on neuroscience, technology and design:



Design and Its Processes: A Literature Review Through a Scientific Lens

Investigated the theory of design from the minds of philosophical thinkers who helped lay the foundation for the development of the current Human-Centred Design approach. One such figure includes Herbert A. Simon on his book, The Sciences of the Artificial.

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Hearing-aids Induce Plasticity in the Auditory System: Perspectives From Three Research Designs and Personal Speculations

Having taken a behavioral neuroscience course increased my understanding of the brain/behavior-environment relationship. For my term paper, I explored the topic of hearing-aids and their influence on neuroplasticity.

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