Nikki An About

Hi, I'm Nikki

Design is a way of learning for me, and I do so by trying to understand people’s thoughts, emotions and contexts which all influence behavior. I’m fascinated by these connections and seek to merge psychology and design in my practice in the process of innovation.

I also enjoy writing, and have investigated topics on neuroscience, technology and design. Here are a select few papers:



Design and Its Processes: A Literature Review Through a Scientific Lens

I investigated the theory of design from the minds of philosophical thinkers who helped lay the foundation for the development of the current Human-Centred Design approach. One such figure includes Herbert A. Simon on his book, The Sciences of the Artificial.

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Hearing-aids Induce Plasticity in the Auditory System: Perspectives From Three Research Designs and Personal Speculations

As a design and psychology student passionate about technology, taking a behavioral neuroscience course increased my understanding of the brain/behavior-environment relationship. For my term paper, I explored the topic of hearing-aids and their influence on neuroplasticity.

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